Theatre residence




delleAli theatre residency was born in 2008 thanks to a three-years startup announcement, which was promoted by Fondazione Cariplo, and to the co-financing of Comune di Vimercate, that gave us the opportunity to perform in TeatrOreno, a freshly restored theatre in Vimercate, for three years. Through the review CONTAMINAZIONI we were able to study and investigate on the possible relationships between dramatic work and different artistic disciplines: Music in 2008, Dancing in 2009 and new technologies in 2010. After the three-years funding agreement had expired, our activity in the Vimercate area continued: in 2011 we inhabited the spaces of Villa Sottocasa, seat of Must (Local History Museum), with a programming that entwined visual arts, live performances and literature.

In 2012 and 2013, with the participation of Quieora theatre residency and the space in Milan ZONAK, we promoted the COLTIVARE CULTURA Project: a network of co-financing municipalities and Fondazione Cariplo sustained a long series of events planned to help people to approach culture with activities that tried to respond to territorial needs and lack of cultural enjoyment.

Working with the community was very varied: intercultural projects, projects between food and art, youth projects, nature theatre, festivals, approach paths towards theatre history and dramatic literature, home theatre review etc.

At the moment the residency is planning some intervention in the fields of cultural innovation with workshop and shows that focus on the use of technology in a live-performance.

We just ended a programming that is going to continue the COLTIVARE CULTURA experience for the three-years period 2015/2016/2017 and we are waiting for the outcome about the financing of the project.







le attività del progetto di start up