delleAli was founded in 1996 by a group of actors and entertainers featuring strong craftsmanship and interdisciplinary aimed at investigating influences between different forms of expression. Now delleAli is composed by Alessandra Anzaghi, Giada Balestrini and Antonello Cassinotti as artistic core.
Despite the attention to aesthetic elements, the actor is considered as the theatrical and performative core, around which a picture must be drawn, where text / sound / light / image interact.
delleAli is made by different souls: sound theatre, young theatre and community theatre. All of them are connected by each other in our poetic vision and in our theatrical residence

delleAli with its artistic residency teXtura is having human, poetic and prospective experiences with libraries, theatre, exhibition spaces, local artists, kindergartens and elderly centers in the territory.
delleAli is member of Etre, residency network, and C.Re.S.Co, a contemporary italian theatre coordination group engaged in cultural policy.