with Antonello Cassinotti
video insert by Fabia Molteni / N!03
concept delleAli Teatro

Voice becomes theater, theater becomes dance and music. An actor on stage – Antonello Cassinotti – and his BARE voice: a sequence of vocal tableaux, harmonic singing, kargiraa, xoomij, high notes and high tones and techniques as a vehicle to free the voice from austere conventions; vocal sounds that do not listen the laws of harmony but embody our animal nature, our mysterious essence, the one that is located south of the soul … that area that is … childhood and primordial … urgency.
A show from nowhere where the theater is before the theater and after any attempt to narrate anything, trying to transmit the imperceptible.
A abstract show of vocal dance where the drama of nonsense makes sense following a creative path.
Each scene has a title, perhaps it is simultaneously a concert enriched with theatrical essence that allows few blinks and to the most sensitive a means of interpretation.
Voices without words for a surreal cabaret and a poem without burden,
Voiceless voice that freely dances in a surreal and joyful interlude,
Voice that gives voice to the words /poetry redefining them in resounding terms while trying to transform them into poetry of
and finally …
a small scenery that sends the sense in short-circuit through an ironic sound game of rhythm and vibration.
Let’s listen … and at the end dance
Convey the voice in digressive tones where is the body “inside” that plays and dance and perhaps allows a more direct communication to the more sensitive human.
Hearing a song or a voice, our response is complete, natural, emotional, mental and spiritual because the resonance arises from the uniqueness of the body, mind and spirit.

“Following in the footsteps of some great teachers (Antonin Artaud, Demetrio Stratos, Roy Hart, Sainkho Namtchylak, Phil Minton, Jaap Blonk, Luigi Pasotelli …) I’m trying to journey down the same path, I believe it’s true the motto: WHO (RE) SEARCHED (RE) DISCOVERS.”
Antonello Cassinotti


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