Small exploration between the things of the world


with Giada Balestrini
direction: Monica Parmagnani
artistic collaboration Antonio Catalano
sound consultant Francesca Caratozzolo
First spectactor Antonello Cassinotti
concept delleAli Teatro

presentato al Festival Visioni di Teatro, visioni di Futuro 2013 – Teatro Testoni, Bologna

A big handkerchief white as the bread and the mozzarella is transformed into a house / tent with an outside and an inside, where you can go with your hand, with your nose and your eyes. There’s mum’s bag and the shopping bag, the flowerbed of the garden, the laundry basket: microcosms of sounds, smells, colors, pieces of the world. We’ll find objects and we’ll discover them: a package with a a cake, in the cake the cream! Inside the lipstick the red. Inside the book…the words.
A curious character goes around touching, listening, spilling, looking at things from within and from outside. A show about the curiosity and the discovery of spatial relationships compared to other objects near-far, inside-out, upside-down, front-back.




intervista a Giada Balestrini e Monica Parmagnani