From the social commitment of Alessandra Anzaghi, co-founder of the group, and from the deep settlement on the territory of the company, is born delleAli’s activity in two particular fields social (disability and mental health) with rich growth and openness to the world.


The issue of mental health is central in the work with a day center of the territory where the experience of the theater workshop  is translated (since 2008) into two local projects funded by the Fondazione di Comunità Monza Brianza: UMANEtrame project (2012) and UMANAmente (2013 and 2014).

These projects have brought the issue of mental health out of the places dedicated to discussion. Streets, parties, clubs, theaters, art galleries have been stages of promotion, interaction, exchange of experiences, activities on the theme of mental health to collect materials for thought that found expression in a final performance.

Since 2010 is conducted a workshop with a group of disabled people from different centers of the territory, coordinated by a team of educators and social workers: a weekly appointment with the workshop leads annually to the public presentation of a performance.

Over the years the great growth of the group of actors, the enrichment of the educators and the development company’s skills led the performances even outside of the contexts where usually the theme of disability finds space.

In April 2015 the performance INCHINI D’AMORE will be offered in the important National Festival of Theatre for school in Serra San Quirico in a special section devoted to disability.